Take one form & turn it into something greater, something with passionate purpose; in the rare trade underworld the shining Killibinbin is something to die for, a killer.

We believe that every grape should be smashed, foot first, by a heavy set lady until we get every drop of grapiness goodness in which we make our wines from.

There is no grape leaf unturned in out little corner of Australia. We will hunt from the lowest cave to the highest peak in search of the yummy, yummy goodness we call wine.

Oh, there never ever was a drink so crisp and delicious. It nips at the tongue with all the flavors of any wine, ever. Like an amalgamation of all the wines in the entire world put together... and then exaggerated even further.

Even the heavens above could not create a wine so heavenly and delectible. It's almost as if God, himself, came down on a chariot of awesome and made it rain sweet, sweet Killibinbin.

This stuff tastes so great, you can eat it with anything. Anything at all. I'm serious, it's like the Chuck Norris of wines. Does the body good.

Based in the Adelaide Hills and producing wine from several of South Australia's illustrious wine regions, Killibinbin produce wines that really live up to their name. Killer wines that shine.

The ancients foretold of a drink that could quench any thirst and make happy any sad. This was the Killibinbin. It can right any wrong, cheer any face, reach every shore, kick butt without taking names and win every game.

Tell the masses, the best of the best is here. We are the Killibinbin.